Debt Consolidation

Discover the 2017 Debt Consolidation Loans.

How debt consolidation works

How debt consolidation works

Those who have obtained more than a loan and consider the costs as well as their management too onerous, in terms of time and money, can benefit from an opportunity designed specifically for those with this credit profile: debt consolidation. But what is it and what are the most affordable debt consolidation loans of 2017? Let’s find out together.

Debt consolidation loans allow you to combine multiple loans into one. It is an intervention that can be performed regardless of the lender, the financing may also have been granted by different banks, and by the type of loan.

Through debt consolidation and refinancing, the client obtains a single, lower monthly installment. It is therefore an ideal solution for those who have to settle debt situations which are rather confusing. Not only. If the applicant deems it necessary, he may also obtain additional liquidity.

In general, debt consolidation loans follow the same guidelines as for personal loans. In fact, it is possible to obtain even quite high sums to be repaid with an amortization plan that can go up to 120 months.

The only difference from personal loans is that debt consolidation loans may have special conditions, specifically reserved for this purpose. As can be seen from the name, the peculiarity of debt consolidation loans is that they are designed for those who wish to pay off the ongoing loans.

These are in fact extinguished by the bank or financial company that provides the loan for consolidation. In this way, all outstanding debts must be repaid in one credit line.

Advantages and disadvantages of consolidating loans

Why use a debt consolidation loan? The main advantage is that by combining all the loans into one, you will only pay one monthly installment. A solution that allows on the one hand to manage debt repayment in a simpler way and on the other to reduce the amount to be paid monthly.

By resorting to a loan for debt consolidation, in fact, there will be a monthly installment less than the sum of the various installments that would have to be repaid otherwise. The possibility for the beneficiary to extend the period for the return of the money due should also be considered.

However, it is necessary to specify that debt consolidation loans also have disadvantages. First of all, the process of preliminary investigation of the financing is rather complex and requires quite long times.

This is because in order to define the feasibility of the loan and the amount that can be financed, it is necessary to be in possession of all the extinct accounts relating to the loans to be consolidated. Counts that are provided by the lenders who provided the various loans.

The disadvantages of debt consolidation loans also include the fact that the debtor loses expenses paid as ancillary costs for previous loans. By opening another loan, in fact, you will have to bear the additional costs and those relating to the preliminary investigation of the case.

We also remind you that if you use consolidation loans to extend the period in which the capital obtained is returned, you will pay more interest. Inevitable consequence of the extension of the amortization plan.

The best consolidation loans of 2017

The best consolidation loans of 2017

But what are the most affordable debt consolidation loans of the moment ? In the list of personal loans we cannot fail to mention Personal Credit of Capital Lender. It is a personal loan that is also suitable for debt consolidation and allows you to obtain amounts ranging from 3 thousand to 30 thousand USD.

As regards the conditions, against a loan request of 15 thousand USD to be repaid in 84 months, Capital Lender offers us a monthly installment of 256.84 USD. The interest rate (Tan) is fixed at 11% while the Taeg stands at 11.63%.

Infra bank’s offer

Infra bank’s debt consolidation loan is also very interesting. The product is called Saldarate and is aimed at all those who have loans in progress and wish to pay a single monthly payment against the disbursement of new liquidity.

The interest rate is fixed and the repayment plan can extend up to 120 months. IBL does not charge fees for the extinction of previous loans. Anyone who has had financial problems in the past can also access the Saldarate loan.

Always remaining in the loan offerings of Infra bank, the institution also offers loans on the assignment of one fifth of the salary or pension. Although it is not a product designed specifically for debt consolidation, it can also be used in this sense.

The assignment of the fifth is in fact a particular form of personal loan which allows to obtain even quite high sums with which to cope with personal or family needs. Not being tied to the purchase of a specific good or service, this type of loan can easily be used to pay off old loans and possibly obtain new liquidity.

Across Lender Compact of Unicredit

Unicredit has also developed a product designed for those who wish to consolidate their debts and need new liquidity. It is Across Lender Compact. The loan allows to obtain sums ranging from 3 thousand to 50 thousand USD to be repaid with an amortization plan that can extend for a maximum of 120 months (minimum duration 36 months).

The Tan is fixed at 10.40%, regardless of the duration of the loan and the amount disbursed. The Taeg can go up to 11.72%.

Post service Italy debt consolidation loan

Among the various offers that we offer you there is also the Post service Italy that with Fine Bank Consolidazione Loan pays sums of up to $ 50 thousand to pool the ongoing loans. The repayment plan can range from 24 to 96 months.

The product is aimed at all holders of Fine Bank Current Account or Ordinary Postal Savings Book. To apply for a Fine Bank Consolidation loan, simply go to any post office, or make an appointment via the website.

At the moment the financing is in promotion, until the end of July. The offer concerns only Fine Bank Current Account holders who request an amount of at least 15 thousand USD.

But let’s take an example of the promotional conditions offered by Post service Italy. Those who request, by 31 July 2017, 18 thousand USD to be repaid in 90 months will have to pay a monthly installment of 270.24 USD. The interest rate (Tan) is fixed at 8.40% while the Taeg stands at 8.77%.

How the Consumer Protection Code for Loans works.

To sign a loan agreement, you must know about your rights and duties. When we go to borrow, there are so many rules, bureaucracies and documents that it seems that we have more duties than rights. But, this is not quite the case. The consumer protection code was created precisely to help us understand that banks, like us, also have obligations and must comply with them. Find out what the rules are for those who give and who apply for loans.

The loan must be good for both sides

Who said that only banks need to profit from the loan service? Of course, the goal is to make a profit, but that doesn’t mean you have to lose. You should know that the first step in taking advantage of borrowing is to understand the reason that led you to it. Whether to pay off debts, pay for medical tests or start a business, for example, the important thing is to understand where the money goes.

Depending on the reason, it is better to save money than to borrow. So, if you want to change your cell phone, buy a new bed or travel, for example, avoid putting your feet in your hands and getting into debt. In this case, the ideal is to use the good old method of the piggy bank or study more about financial education to learn how to invest and make your money pay off in the time you need.

Do you already know the reason for the loan? So let’s go to the next step!

money cash

After figuring out why to borrow, it’s time to learn how to use this service in the best way. The consumer protection code has some considerations about it. See what they are:

Right to information: Article 52 says that you have the right to be informed about the CET (Total Effective Cost) of the debt, the annual interest rate, the amount of each installment and the sum of the total debt. The same goes for all fees and charges that are charged. Even though the manager explained everything to you during the conversation, it is necessary that each amount is written in the contract.

Price calculation: Article 3 of Decree 5.903 / 06 talks about the fixing of product prices. It ensures that you have the right to know how interest calculations are done. If the bank charges additions and charges that interfere with the value of the financing or installments, it must provide you with all information about prices. On the website of the Good Lender Bank, it is possible to check the average interest rate in the market.

You will be able to assess whether or not the bank is doing bad and charging too high fees

money cash

So always stay tuned and do nothing in the heat of the moment.

Contract: This document must contain all the details of the contracted service and must be signed by you, the bank representative and witnesses. Don’t forget to take a copy with all signatures home and keep it. Do not sign anything without reading and understanding. If necessary, talk to a lawyer or accountant to get your questions answered. Only sign after you are aware of every detail.

Delay: If you delay payment of installments, the bank may charge you a fine and interest. The amount must be written in the contract. Failure to pay may cause a bank action against you.

Prepayment: The consumer protection code provides for the prepayment of installments of the loan. In this case, the bank must write off the real interest on its debt.

The ideal is to calculate the allowance with the help of an accountant or lawyer.

Loan disapproval: The bank is not required to approve your loan application, even if you do not have a dirty name.

The financial institution, on the other hand, has a duty to inform the reason for the refusal. As you realized, before signing any loan agreement, you must be sure that what was promised is in the contract.

What is the minimum interest for a cash loan?

When looking for a cash loan, you need to research a number of possibilities. You should check the ease of obtaining the credit, as well as the costs involved. In this process, the interest rate is one of the most important aspects.

This amount is charged per month and, in the end, multiplies the total effective cost. The smaller it is, the more attractive the option is. But is there a minimum number? What will it be?

Next, ask your questions about the minimum interest for a cash loan and understand how to get the best options.

What is the role of interest rates?


When a financial institution offers credit to an individual, it carries out an operation that must be remunerated. Thanks to the profit obtained, the establishment is able to maintain its financial capacity.

At the same time, the institution assumes the risk. Even with the credit analysis, you cannot be completely sure that the payment will be made. To compensate for possible losses, interest rates are incurred.

As you can see, the value is greater the broader the risk presented. People who are in default or have a bad financial history are prone to not making the payment. So, interest is higher. On the other hand, with some type of guarantee, the amount charged is less.

What is the minimum interest for a cash loan?


Now that you understand the role of interest rates, you can see that the value is always greater than 0 – at least. After all, it is necessary to obtain some remuneration from the activity.

However, there is no rule or law that sets a minimum number. Each institution can charge what it deems to be fair – as long as it does not reach abusive levels.

So, the minimum charge depends on the customer’s profile and market conditions. On average, however, the lowest value found is around 1.5% per month, depending on what is presented.

How to pay lower interest?

How to pay lower interest?

Competition between financial institutions is a condition that favors those looking for lower interest rates. To get account values, you need to take care of your history. Keep your accounts up to date and settle your debts, in order to avoid losses in the credit analysis.

It is also interesting to present a guarantee. In doing so, the institution is at less risk and therefore may charge lower interest rates. Offering the property or vehicle as collateral, for example, is a way to obtain a cash loan more easily and at lower costs.

After all, you need to do a lot of research. So, having a service that brings together the main banks and institutions is essential. This allows you to obtain the best proposal for your profile, which guarantees less costs to pay off the debt.

When using the cash loan , you will notice that there is no minimum interest to be charged. However, it is possible to obtain better conditions, such as when offering a guarantee and making comparisons. As a result, you will pay the lowest amount for the credit.

But, after all, when should you make such a request? Next, see when is the time for a financial loan.

3500 USD loan without Credit Bureau.

If you need a loan in this country, go to your bank and apply for it. Before banks approve a loan, they check the creditworthiness of their customers. Income is put to the test, Credit Bureau is queried and a permanent position is checked. If the conditions are right, the customer receives his credit. But there are more and more indebted citizens in Germany who are struggling with poor creditworthiness, which may result in a loan refusal. Negative entries that worsen the creditworthiness then prevent normal loan applications. A 3500 USD loan without Credit Bureau is now available for these customers.

Swiss credit and his career

Swiss credit and his career

A credit without Credit Bureau is intended for people whose creditworthiness has suffered. So-called Swiss loans have been around for a number of years. The name of the loan type has to do with the fact that the loans came from the Swiss Confederation without exception a few years ago. A 3500 USD loan without Credit Bureau is processed by credit intermediaries. Until 2009, Spin Lender was a major loan broker, which at that time had a monopoly on this type of loan.

At that time, a court decision was issued in which Spin Lender was prohibited from lending to Germans. The reason was a non-existent banking license. The resulting gap in Credit Bureau-free loans was filled by Liechtenstein’s Fine Bank, which had this license. The bank started its work in the Credit Bureau-free loans department in 2010. As far as is known, another foreign bank does not have this license. The 3500 USD loan without Credit Bureau therefore comes from Liechtenstein. The name of its country of origin has been retained.

The 3,500 credit without Credit Bureau and its prospects

The 3,500 credit without Credit Bureau and its prospects

But what is special about this type of loan? The bank from Liechtenstein provides loans for loan seekers who have bad credit and no longer receive credit in this country. Well, she doesn’t do it out of sheer pity, because the bank makes good money from these loans. The reason is to be found in the interest rate level. The 3500 USD loan without Credit Bureau has an interest rate of more than 10%. If the credit rating is weakened, up to 15% is required.

If you contrast this with a German installment loan with a Credit Bureau query, you get this loan at around 3% but with a good credit rating. The creditworthiness is just as important as the clean Credit Bureau to get a loan in Germany and Liechtenstein. The LItebank in particular demands a sufficiently high income, which must be above the garnishment limit. A single person must therefore earn at least 1,100 USD net. With a four-person household, it is at least 2,000 USD net.

Permanent employment and legal age are also important. The residence and the current account should also be in Germany. The Credit Bureau is irrelevant because it is not relevant in this country. However, the bank takes a look at the public debt register. If she finds an oath of disclosure, loan terminations or bankruptcies there, this is a credit exclusion.

If the customer pays the 3500 USD loan without Credit Bureau on time, Credit Bureau will not be informed of the loan. It should be said that this type of loan is standardized. The 3500 USD loan without Credit Bureau has a term of 40 months. Nothing can be changed in the runtime, nor in the rate. For the 3500 USD loan without Credit Bureau, it amounts to 105.00 USD. The bank will provide a loan of USD 5,000 if the income is adequate. But in most cases, customers qualify for the 3,500 USD loan without Credit Bureau.


The 3,500 credit without Credit Bureau – the conditions

The 3,500 credit without Credit Bureau - the conditions

There was a change on the part of the bank in 2014, and interest rates were also standardized. The interest rate for both loan amounts is now 11.38% APR. The permanent position required for this loan must have existed for at least 12 months. Anyone who is in the trial period or has a fixed-term employment contract will fall outside the bank’s grid. Even the unemployed and self-employed are predestined for the 3500 USD loan without Credit Bureau. For the unemployed, it is the state benefits that he receives and that must not be seized and the self-employed can in most cases not prove a stable income.

Regarding income, it must be said that it must have an attachable portion of at least 90 USD. The loan is advertised that the loan amounts often move up to 50,000 USD and more, but none of this is correct. Most of the approved loans show a small loan of 3,500 USD.

The 3500 USD loan without Credit Bureau has the advantage that it is not earmarked. It can be used freely. There is also no need to talk to the house bank, which is often embarrassing to many customers due to the somewhat poor financial situation. The loan can be taken out practically anonymously. Neither the house bank nor Credit Bureau receives any news about the Swiss loan.

A loan seeker should also put his income against his expenses with a 3500 USD loan without Credit Bureau. This tells him whether he can afford a loan at all. Foreign credits in particular must be paid correctly. The customer must sign a garnishment of wages as soon as the loan application is made. If there is a default, the bank will pledge immediately.

In order to get a 3,500 USD loan without Credit Bureau, the bank must have a pay slip, some also require bank statements and a copy of the employment contract. Income is the be-all and end-all of a loan without Credit Bureau, because if that is not enough, there will be no Credit Bureau-free credit.

According to the customer’s financial situation, the bank can also ask for other collateral. Especially when the income is rather low and the budget is only slightly higher than the credit rate. If the customer is predestined for a higher loan amount, collateral is required.

This can be a loanable life insurance, a property or a co-applicant or a guarantor. These guarantees are made dependent on the loan amount.

The loan application is made quickly, the customer does not have to go abroad, but can apply for the 3,500 USD loan online without Credit Bureau. Once the bank has inspected the necessary documents, a loan approval or loan refusal is sent to the customer.

5 Places to Make Selectable Credit Cards

If you want to make a credit card at the same time consulting in person, you can come to the nearest bank branch. Lazy out of the house? Apply for a credit card online too! Just choose as needed.

Before submitting, don’t forget to make sure you meet the requirements. Each credit card issuer applies different terms and conditions.

Generally, credit card application requirements include a minimum age limit above 21 years, have an income, and have a good credit score. The higher the credit card level, the more stringent the requirements must be met.

For example, a Silver type credit card can be submitted by you who earn starting from $ 3 million. Meanwhile, Signature type credit cards are aimed at customers with income starting from $ 20 million or selected customers.

If you already know the type of credit card you want to submit, now just choose where to make a credit card. Want to go online or offline, you can! Here are the choices.


The place to make credit cards offline

The place to make credit cards offline

Bank branch office

For some people making a credit card directly at the bank is indeed troublesome. You need to spend a special time at least 15-30 minutes. That is even if the bank is not too crowded.

Even so, making a credit card directly to customer service like this has its own advantages.

You can consult directly with the bank and get. information about interest, fees, payment methods, and promos available easily.

If you are interested in making a credit card at a bank customer service, here’s how:

  1. Prepare the required documents, generally including:
    • Photocopy of KTP
    • Photocopy of savings for the past three months
    • Photocopy of NPWP
    • Photocopy of salary slip
    • Statement of income
  2. Come to the bank branch office of your choice
  3. Take a queue number to meet with customer service
  4. Complete the credit card submission form and submit it to customer service along with the document requirements
  5. After the forms and files are received, the bank will interview you regarding personal data and other identities
  6. After that, you can go home and wait for the bank to call back

The credit card application process takes approximately 14 working days. If accepted, the bank will reconfirm the submission and send a credit card to the registered address.


Mall or shopping center

Mall or shopping center

You may have received brochures from marketing or credit card sales from various banks while at the mall. Indeed, not a few marketing or credit card sales are aggressively looking for customers in crowded places like malls.

If you really intend to make a credit card, there’s no harm in accepting the sales offer.

Submitting a credit card at a mall is considered to have a high chance of being approved, and setting easy terms. Therefore, mall visitors are considered as consumptive individuals who have been established so that they are considered eligible to have a credit card.

On the other hand, a bank’s credit card sales must have a target of customers that must be met. That way, credit card applications will not be complicated.

But please note that applying for credit through marketing has its risks. Your personal identity and other data that you own are at risk of being misused by bad sales or marketing.


The place to make credit cards online

credit cards

Through the official website of the bank

Some credit card issuing banks provide online credit card submission services through websites. One of them is a BCA credit card.

This method is fairly easy and practical. Through the bank’s official website, you can also get information about the terms, interest, and fees of your chosen credit card.

You only need to follow the instructions given to complete. Usually you will be asked to complete personal data, employment data, bank data, emergency contacts, and other data.

Then, download the required documents. If it’s finished, you just need to wait for the bank to call back.


Through a smartphone

mobile loans

There are also banks that only provide online application submission services via mobile phones, such as Best Bank and Cream Bank.

This method is actually not much different from the previous way. It’s just that all processes are carried out via mobile using Chrome or Safari.

For example, if you make a Cream credit card through a mobile phone, here are the guidelines:

  1. Go to the Cream credit card site through Chrome or Safari
  2. Click Apply Credit Card in the upper right corner
  3. Next you will be asked to prepare documents in the form of KTP, NPWP, and salary slip or tax return
  4. Select the type of credit card you want, then click Continue
  5. You can choose the method of charging the credit card application yourself or assisted by customer service
  6. If you want to be assisted by customer service, you will be contacted by the Cream Bank to guide the data filling.
  7. Please follow the instructions given to complete

In addition to this method, you can also apply for a credit card via mobile phone by contacting the relevant bank call center. Telemarketing on duty will guide the opening of credit cards to completion.


Through the RiteLend marketplace

You must be familiar with the RiteLend site, right? Now, not only online shopping, credit card applications can also be done at RiteLend.

The method is not much different from filing through the official website of the bank. The following stages:

  1. Visit the RiteLend site
  2. Select the Digital Products section, then click Credit Card
  3. Select the desired credit card, then click Submit
  4. Next, complete the requested data and follow the submission instructions to complete
  5. You will receive an email notification of submission, as well as an SMS along with a link to continue the credit card application

The advantage of applying for a credit card through RiteLend is that you can compare various credit cards from various banks. That way, you can find the best credit card according to your criteria and needs.

That’s a variety of choices where to make a credit card. Unlike a dozen years ago, now making credit cards can be done practically and easily.

Now, if the credit card is in hand, don’t forget to use it wisely so that it is not broken. Good luck!

How to repay your consumer credit?

The borrower can repay his consumer credit at any time: no penalty can be required by the lending organization below 10,000 dollars in early repayment. Partial or total, the repayment of a consumer loan is governed by the Consumer Code, whose role is to protect borrowers.

Consumer credit: what forms of credit are eligible for early repayment?

Consumer credit: what forms of credit are eligible for early repayment?

It’s very simple: all forms of consumer loans! There are several. Among the most common, personal loan, restricted credit and revolving credit. All can be granted by a bank or a financial institution, and their purpose is the same: the financing of projects of all types (works, car, furniture, household appliances, holidays, etc.), excluding real estate and construction purchases. However, these credits do not have the same mode of operation. Before getting to the heart of the matter, let’s distinguish each of them.

Personal loan

With a personal loan, the borrower can finance one or more projects without having to justify himself to his bank. Clearly, he can use the amount of the credit as he pleases. A personal loan can be fixed rate or variable rate. Unlike the variable APR, the fixed APR provides equal monthly payments throughout the repayment period.

Affected credit

Unlike the personal loan, the assigned credit is, as its name suggests, intended for the purchase of a consumer good or a specific service. We then speak of car credit, wedding credit or work credit. Like the personal loan, its APR can be fixed or variable.

Revolving credit

Like the personal loan, revolving credit is not spent on a particular purchase. But unlike the latter, its rate is always variable, and often very high as well. It is by far the most dangerous consumer credit (and even just credit).

Repaying your consumer credit: partial repayment

Repaying your consumer credit: partial repayment

Repaying part of your consumer credit in advance is possible. It is sufficient for the borrower to notify his creditor of his wish to partially repay his credit. But beware, partial repayment can be refused by the lending institution if its amount is less than or equal to three times the amount of the next due date. In other words, if you repay 40 dollars every month, the lender can refuse a partial repayment if you want to repay 120 dollars or less (3 times 40 dollars). For this clause to be valid, it must be mentioned in the loan contract. The credit offer must also include the minimum amount accepted by the lender for a partial repayment.

How to repay your consumer loan in its entirety?

How to repay your consumer loan in its entirety?

To repay the consumer credit in full, the borrower is not required to provide reasons to the lending institution. No prepayment penalty is applicable, regardless of the amount.

The borrower notifies his lending institution of his desire to prepay his consumer credit. The creditor communicates to him the amount of capital due. Performing a consumer credit simulation allows you to adjust the monthly payments according to your budget.

Credit for dental services – Apply now!

If you have an appointment with the dentist, you may not only have to expect painful treatment, but also a deep grip on your budget. Since the statutory health insurance companies have almost completely removed dental services from their service catalog, quite a few consumers have to take out a loan for dental services. However, this is linked to some conditions.

The dentist loan

The dentist loan

Most people don’t like going to the dentist. It is not only the uncomfortable treatment, but also the immensely high costs. But you not only visit the dentist when you are in pain, but also when the so-called “third parties” no longer do it. A new, fitting and well-fitting prosthesis comes at a price. It is not uncommon for the patient to spend up to 8,000 USD or more. If a few implants are then placed, they have the price of a new car. Very few patients can pay for this from the current budget and consider taking out a loan for dental services.

Decent teeth are not only relevant for aesthetics, chewing and laughing are also part of it. For example, poorly fitting dentures can lead to stomach problems because the patient can no longer chew properly. Many patients no longer dare to laugh properly. You can often see that these people put their hands over their mouths so that you don’t see the unsightly teeth.

Patients who regularly go to the dentist check receive a bonus book, which can be worth cash. With the well-managed bonus booklet, the health insurance companies reimburse a higher grant for dental services.

Dental services have many faces. The path extends from the prosthesis to implants. Dentists know, of course, that many patients have no money for a complex dental restoration. That is why the dentist offers a loan for dental services. Appropriate information can often be found in the waiting room. Of course, fundraising is very convenient and easy. But the patient has no means of comparison.

In addition, the patient is often encouraged to overpriced treatments when they receive credit for dental services through the dentist. Treatments are approved that were not actually intended. The dentist will procure the loan through his financial service providers. These financial service providers also set the conditions.

The loan is often even offered without interest. Nevertheless, you should not act rashly, because with an interest-free loan, expensive installments are due. Usually the patient only has a few months to pay the loan. It should therefore be clarified in advance whether the high installments can be paid. By drawing up a budget, the patient sees what is left after deducting all expenses.

If there is an acceptable remaining amount, this loan version could be successful, not least because the loan would then also be paid quickly. If the installment payments are too high, an installment loan from a bank is recommended.
However, the financial service provider will also check the patient’s creditworthiness; if it is bad, there will be no credit for dental services from the dentist. The dentist is then too high of a risk that he will remain at his own expense.

The credit comparison

The credit comparison

If the installment payments at the dentist are too high, an installment loan from a bank is available. If you want to maintain your intimacy, you are of course not in good hands with your house bank. But that gives many direct banks on the Internet who also provide a loan for dental services. Experience has shown that these banks have more favorable terms than the branch banks. In addition, the loan seeker has the option of finding a cheap provider with a loan comparison.

So he sees not only the important APR, but also the terms and conditions of the banks. However, the focus should not only be on the effective interest rate, because a really cheap loan has free special repayments and one or two installments. The special repayments are particularly important for the loan seeker who receives premiums or holiday and Christmas bonuses from the employer every year. Part of this could flow into the loan, which would then be paid faster.

If special repayments are not noted in the loan agreement, the bank can calculate a prepayment penalty for early repayment of the loan. One or two installment deferrals are also recommended, because there can always be a financial bottleneck where the two installments could be used.

With a credit comparison, in which the customer enters the loan amount, the term and the installment amount, he receives all providers based on a list. In addition, monthly income information must be provided. The data will be treated confidentially and will only be used when the loan application is made.

The conditions

The conditions

Banks naturally check the customer’s creditworthiness, which they also have to prove. Mostly, proof of salary from the past three months and bank statements from the same period are required. A copy of the employment contract should also be presented.

The income must be sufficiently high and regularly received. It must be above the garnishment exemption limit and have a garnishable share of at least 100 USD. An example: A single person must earn 1,160 USD net so that there is a attachable share of at least 80.47 USD. In addition to the income, the bank checks the customer’s Credit Bureau. This must not contain any negative entries, no serious features such as attachments, bankruptcy, affidavits or enforcement notices. The latter hard entries completely exclude a loan. If the Credit Bureau has so-called soft features like a forgotten bill, there are banks that overlook it.

Permanent employment is also part of the banks’ approval program for a loan for dental services. It may not be limited and may not include a trial period. If the customer can meet these conditions, nothing stands in the way of a loan for dental services.

The loan with a view abroad

The loan with a view abroad

If the loan seeker has negative entries and is rejected by conventional banks, a loan from Liechtenstein remains. The local Demo Lender Bank specializes in granting Credit Bureau-free loans. However, this bank has the same requirements as the Agree bank. With one exception she does not query the Credit Bureau.

An anonymous loan can be applied for, from which neither the house bank nor Credit Bureau learns about it. These loans are secured by income, so it must be sufficiently high, as described before. Permanent employment is also imperative.

The peculiarity of these loans is shown in the loan amounts. Almost only three loan amounts are provided. Once 3,500 USD, 5,000 USD and recently 7,500 USD.